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Money Tree Roller Ball

Money Tree Roller Ball

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Ching, ching, ching! Is that a money tree I hear?

Many believe certain herbs, oils, & crystals can help attract abundance. This roller ball contains some of those items, such as essential oils, including, cinnamon, eucalyptus, myrrh, laurel leaf, and chamomile essentials oils, along with green aventurine crystal chips and a clove. 

Every ingredient was specifically selected for its spiritual ability to help bring in the energies of abundance of wealth, health, and love into your life. 

This roller ball is actually based on a money bowl I do in my home a few times a year. 

It is important to always be grateful for the things we are given in this life and to never wish harm upon anyone else for the things we desire.

I recommend praying or meditating when using this oil, thanking God for your many blessings and allowing the energy of abundance attraction to wash over you. Never forget the law of attraction! 

Grab yours today and feel the energy of abundance wash over you. 


Sweet Almond oil, Rice Bran oil, Natural Essential oils, Clove Bud, Green Aventurine Crystal Chip

Product Volume

10 Milliliters


Roll the roller ball along your pulse points, breathe deeply.

You can also put this oil on candles, doorways, or wherever you want to bring in abundance.

I recommend praying while applying, thanking God for the many blessings you've received.

This attraction of abundance should cause no harm to anyone else.

You can also come up with a phrase or song to help attract abundance. There are many examples of these types of songs or phrases.

Do not ingest. For external use only.

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