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Grandaddy Willow

Ignite the Light

Ignite the Light

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Ignite the fire in your belly with our solar plexus chakra roller ball!

The solar plexus is located about 2 inches above the navel and effects our confidence, personal power, and digestive systems, including the liver and spleen.

Anger, Domination, and abuse of others are signs of an unbalanced or blocked solar plexus. You may also experience intense anxiety and fear, a need to always be in control.

Physically, a blocked or unbalanced solar plexus chakra can present as stomach issues, gallbladder issues, liver issues, enlarged spleen, diabetes, and other digestive issues. 

Eating yellow foods can also help unblock and balance your solar plexus chakra.  

This essential oil roller is packed with carefully selected natural essential oils such as Petitgrain, lemon, carrot seed, and myrrh, along with citrine crystal chips and a chamomile flower to help activate and open the solar plexus chakra. 

Now is the time to bring in that yellow light into your belly! Ignite the light today and feel yourself being washed in golden healing light. 


Apricot Kernel Oil, Safflower Oil, Natural Essential Oils, Chamomile Flower, Citrine Crystal Chips

Product Volume

10 Milliliters


Shake well before each use.

Roll the oil about two inches above the navel, applying all along that area of your belly.

Roll the oil directly under your nose and pulse points and breathe deeply.

Pray or meditate and envision a bright, warm, healing yellow light flooding your solar plexus chakra.

Do not ingest. For external use only.

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Customer Reviews

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Willy K
Fantastic and authentic scent

Love this roll on From Koby and Grandaddy easy to made me feel grounded during a stressful time. So talented he is in combining scents and he seems to be connected spiritually to the Chakra point (solar plexus) that this helps to center. Beau product! ❤️

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