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Grandaddy Willow

Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone

Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone

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  • Shown to boost the immune system & help with skin issues
  • Has been shown to help those with skin issues, such as acne, irritations and burns, by strengthening the blood leading to better skin. 
  • Helps to calm & ease the mind, promoting relaxation & self-discovery
  • Strengthens intuition & psychic abilities, helping to open the third eye chakra
  • Cleanses your aura, removing negative energy & protecting you from new negative energy
  • Helps to clear your mind of the anxieties clouding your thoughts
  • When you feel you need the help of the stone’s healing energies, take it in your hand & rub your thumb on the smooth stone. This also helps with anxiety and fidgeting.

Care Instructions

Chevron Amethyst can be cleansed in lukewarm/room temperature water. While it is best to use water from a natural source, any water will do. It is best if the water is running, i.e. from a faucet.

You can also let your Chevron Amethyst sit in some dirt, let the earth draw out the toxins the stone has accumulated.

Chevron Amethyst can also be cleansed by placing it in brown rice. Make sure you throw out the rice after cleansing.

Using smoke from a smudge stick can also be used to cleanse Chevron Amethyst as well.

As with other stones, I also use sound healing and prayer to bless and cleanse my bloodstone.

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